Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food Channel Predicts 2011 Food Trends

The Food Channel has been predicting the next year's food trends for 23 years. Of particular interest to food manufacturers would be #6: Small is the new big business. Here's this year's list:

1. The Canning Comeback: Canning is gaining popularity due to economic and health concerns.

2. Men In Aprons: Layoffs have led to more men cooking.

3. Local Somewhere: Consumers are looking for hand-grown, no matter where it's grown.

4. Don't Ask, Don't Tell: We're tired of being told where we can eat.

5. Appetite For Food Apps: We're using apps for recipes and coupon sources.

6. Small Is New Big Business: Corporations are thinking like small businesses.

7. Fresh Every Day: Rooftop gardens are part of this trend.

8. Chefs In Schools: Chefs are serving better flavors and more nutrition.

9. Discomfort Foods: Change makes us comfortable with more change.

10. Eating For Sex And Other Things: We're working longer, so apparently we need more energy in certain departments.

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