Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learn the ABCs of ERP

Food manufacturers need to focus on manufacturing food, not sorting through software solutions. They need to produce quality products, in the right quantities, at the right price. By implementing one system - Enterprise Resource Planning - you can organize all aspects of your business activities, from supply chain to human resources. Our one-hour webcast, hosted by Anna Wells, Editor of IMPO magazine, will:

-Outline technology options
-Lend expert advice on choosing the right solution for your company
-Offer real-world experiences of other manufactures who implemented ERP systems
-Offer a live Q&A session with industry experts

Click here to register for the event which will take place August 6, 2:00 EST


Food Manufacturing Jobs said...

Yeah its right that food manufacturing guys should have to focus on quality and quantity of Food not the s/w and ERP is really an amazing and versatile software .

Technical Food Jobs said...

In these days many often overlook quality whilst trying to stick to staunch production schedules, in my opinion this is a fundemental error which thanks to the development of ERP is being eradicated

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